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March 9th - 10th 2019

Keynote Speakers

Jarod Spool
Micky Metts
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Integrated Sciences Building | UMass Amherst | Amherst, Massachusetts

UMass campus map

See large map image


The most convenient parking is the Campus Center Parking Garage (Google map link) at a cost of $1.75/hr.

Other options can be found here.


There are many hotels in the area close by to UMass, including Hotel UMass very near the ISB building.


Healthy snacks sponsored by Common Media.

Session schedule may change, so come back later to check for updates. Last updated March 9, 2019


Click on a session for more info.


Click on a session for more info.

The 2019 NERD Summit Team.


Kelly Albrecht {Fearless Leader}
Rick Hood
Steve Brewer
Marjorie Ray {Content Chair & Social Media}


Track Chairs:
Gretchen Duhaime
Rob Bayliss
Geri Jennings
Geoff St. Pierre
Jeffrey Gnatek
Noah Paessel

Special thanks to Kevin Thull
for video capture of sessions

Day-Of Volunteers

Cheryl Handsaker
Sharon Rieger
Amee Trivedi
Aubrey Sambor
Mike Miles
Rob Bayliss
Jen Wahlund
Leslie Glynn
Sean Dietrich
Sam Medrington
Lili Dwight
Matthew Baya
Trevor Morris
David Dubchak
Luis Marquez
Elyssa Serrilli
Tom Fleming
Nova Albrecht
Noah Smith
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